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ThrillerFest in New York!

In just a few days I’ll be heading to New York. Yes, the mothership for writers. The reason I’m going, besides the general awesomeness of NYC? I’m going to ThrillerFest! It’s an annual conference for thriller writers and readers, hosted by the International Thriller Writers. (And in this instance we’re talking about thrillers in the broadest sense–including mystery, suspense, crime, action-adventure, historical thrillers, YA thrillers…) Here are some of the big-name authors who will be attending: Lee Child, David Baldacci, Lisa Gardner, Scott Turow, Brenda Novak, Steve Berry, Ian Rankin, Anne Rice…and the list goes on!… Read the rest

Tired? 25 Ways To Fight Fatigue

It seems like everyone is tired these days. In my medical practice, it’s one of the most common complaints I hear from people. How about you? Do you feel tired a lot of the time? There can be many reasons for that fatigue. It can, of course, be due to medical issues like iron deficiency and thyroid imbalance, but the majority of fatigue is due to various factors we can’t measure: too much stress, too little exercise, poor diet, insufficient sleep… In other words, lifestyle factors.… Read the rest

Top 10 Movies Set In Paris

Is there a more picturesque setting for a movie than the city of Paris? There are so many wonderful books and films from every genre set in the City of Lights. During my Twitter book launch party for A Magnificent Crime (which is set in Paris, of course!) it was one of our most lively discussions. I promised to write a round-up post of movies set in Paris, so here it is.… Read the rest

Blog Tour

My second book is finally out! A MAGNIFICENT CRIME (Agency of Burglary & Theft #2) was released on June 6, and for the past several days I’ve been busy touring around various websites and blogs, as part of my virtual book launch. Here are links to some early reviews and my guest posts: On Strand Magazine’s Mystery Center I wrote a guest post called The Underbelly of Paris, in which I delved into the creepier side of Paris–namely, the catacombs (which are featured in a key scene in my book).… Read the rest

Book Release in 2 Days!

This time of year is incredibly exciting for me…and, I must confess, also a little nerve-wracking. My new book comes out in two days, and while I can’t wait for people to read it, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have some butterflies. I hope y’all like it! Some early reviews on Goodreads have been incredibly positive, which is lovely.… Read the rest

10 Essential Things To Do In Paris

If you’re planning your first trip to Paris, there are a few things you must see and do. Paris is my favorite city, and I’ve been lucky enough to have visited several times. It’s also where I set my soon-to-be-released second novel, A Magnificent Crime. Planning your first trip to Paris? Here’s a list of ten things to see and do, for a classic Parisian experience: 1.… Read the rest

One Month To Go…

It seems like I only just launched my first novel…and now it’s almost time for my second one to be released! I’m about a month away from sending A MAGNIFICENT CRIME (Agency of Burglary & Theft #2) out into the world. The official release date is June 5, 2014. Just in time for summer beach reading, yes? I’ve been busy getting organized for my virtual book tour (a.k.a. … Read the rest

A Magnificent Crime on Pinterest

I don’t keep it much of a secret how deeply I love Pinterest. One of my favorite ways to use Pinterest, as an author, is to create a board for each of my books. Recently I’ve been tweaking the board for my next novel, A Magnificent Crime (the sequel to A Beautiful Heist). Basically, it’s a collection of various images that convey the feel and the flavor of the book…plus a few itty-bitty hints about the setting and the story.… Read the rest

Recipe Box: Chili Con Carne (with a sweet little secret)

I’ve been making chili for years with a secret ingredient: a touch of chocolate. I was initially inspired to make it this way after seeing the movie Chocolat many years ago–you know, when Vianne adds a pinch of hot chili pepper to her hot chocolate recipe? There’s something about the combination of chocolate and chili that just…works. So, here’s my recipe. … Read the rest

The Journey of Motherhood (in GIFs)

Over on my YMC blog this week, I posted a piece called The Journey Of Motherhood. It’s a story told in GIFs (you know, those little looping video snippets?). And I have to tell you, I had a total blast putting it together. Giggled my way through the making of it, in fact. I’m hoping it can bring a similar smile to your face.… Read the rest


Kim Foster writes YA and adult books about thieves, spies, and assassins. (Read More)

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