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Houston, We Are A Go For Launch Sequence

Well here we are, the last day before my book is released. This past 30 days has flown. At the beginning of this countdown I posted a short excerpt from Chapter One of A Beautiful Heist. Today I’m posting the whole chapter. Click here to read Chapter One. Did you miss some of my countdown posts? Here are a few of my favorites: The Best Things About London Top 10 Kickass Female Protagonists Best Heist Movies The Wonderful World of Faberge Also, I made a Pinterest page with all of my countdown posts!… Read the rest

Best Heist Movies

A few weeks ago I did a post comparing original heist movies and their remakes (Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job, and The Thomas Crown Affair). Today, I’m expanding things to include heist movies in general. As a forewarning, it’s a pretty eclectic list. To Catch A Thief To Catch A Thief Where I live, this 1955 classic is going to be re-released onto the big screen next month (maybe where you live too?), and I’m pretty excited about that.… Read the rest

How To Order A Coffee At Starbucks

I don’t make it much of a secret that I love Starbucks. I think they put out a superb product and I have always had excellent experiences with their service. (Coffee not quite hot enough? Here, have a coupon for a free drink next time. Had to wait a few minutes too long? Coupon.) Much of my first novel (and the sequel, in progress as we speak…) was written in Starbucks.… Read the rest

7 Days To Go: Virtual Book Launch Party & Giveaway

So we’re down to one week left of my countdown, and I’ve got a little business to take care of. First, I’m inviting you all to a virtual book launch party! On my Facebook Page, you can find it listed under “events”. The party is happening on June 6 (release day) between 8pm and 11 pm EST. It’s going to be lots of fun with games and party favors…and the best part: you can wear your jammies if you like.… Read the rest

When Life Imitates Art (Or Steals It…)

Heist stories in books and film are loads of fun…but, sometimes, the real thing is just as fascinating. Here are some thefts, in recent history (some very recent…see last week in Cannes), that read like something right off a movie script. After authorities announced a couple of months ago they had cracked the case of a decades-old art heist, the Huffington Post created this fascinating slide show of some of history’s most brazen art thefts.… Read the rest

Travel Files: The Best Things About London

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have spent quite a bit of time there–my husband and I have enjoyed two sabbaticals in the UK, first in the year after we were married, and again when we had a four year old son (we now have two boys). My parents both come from Britain–my father was born and raised in London and my mother in Wales–and much of my extended family is still over there.… Read the rest

A Harry Winston Visual Treat

Just a little glamour for your Sunday afternoon, lovelies. I’m down to 11 days to go before book launch, and here are a couple of videos I think you’ll enjoy, all inspired by the fabulous Harry Winston. The first, because it’s a fascinating glimpse into another world. The second, because it’s just plain gorgeous. [youtube] [youtube]… Read the rest

Casting Call for A Beautiful Heist

As far as I can tell, virtually all writers do this–fantasize about which actors and actresses would be cast in the movie version of their books. This exercise is equal parts creative-juice-stimulator (helps to visualize an actual person when writing scenes), motivator to help push you forward (sigh…someday when I’m attending the premiere…), and pure fun. So…who would play the main roles in A Beautiful Heist?… Read the rest

A Burglar’s Toolkit

Let’s say you’re fed up with your job. You’ve had it with the corporate world; the rat race can shove it. It’s time for a career change. But what path to choose? Well, have you ever considered becoming a professional thief? You have to admit, there are perks: no 9-to-5, no yucky office politics, and no boring cubicle. Your office changes day to day, in fact–sometimes it’s an art museum, sometimes a swanky gala. … Read the rest

Top 10 Kickass Female Protagonists

Books and movies are full of ass-kicking male heroes (James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher…I could go on…) and I love them, I do, but what about the women? The damsel-in-distress type has her own charms, of course, but how about some of the ladies who take a rather more active approach to saving her own hide?  The heroine of my novel A Beautiful Heist is a regular girl next door–a little bit Bridget Jones, a little bit Carrie Bradshaw–but she also has a serious tough side to her, and can kick some major butt when she needs to.… Read the rest


Kim Foster writes YA and adult books about thieves, spies, and assassins. (Read More)

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