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Famous Diamonds Of The World

There’s something about diamonds that has held people spellbound for centuries. Personally, I think some of that fascination comes from a diamond’s inherent paradox: that something so gorgeous and decorative could also be incredibly durable and hard. That something so sparkly and glamorous was hewn from the earth itself. Little wonder the most spectacular specimens, the rarest and finest diamonds, have attracted nothing but mystery, death, and intrigue.… Read the rest

18 Days To Go: Quote Sunday

This month is really moving along! 18 days to go before book launch, I can hardly believe it. So last Sunday I simply posted a quote for my countdown post, and this week I think I’ll do the same. This time, it’s one of mine. (Well, my protagonist’s, technically.) Read the rest

The Jewels In The Great Gatsby

This weekend I’m going to see The Great Gatsby. I don’t care if I can’t get a sitter. The kids will be fine for a couple of hours, right? See, I am a big Baz Luhrmann fan (ever since Moulin Rouge, which rocked my world). And, although I didn’t start out loving Leonardo DiCaprio in his earlier years, I have grown to be an ardent admirer of his work.… Read the rest

A Beautiful Heist On Pinterest

I started playing around on Pinterest about a year ago and, like many people, immediately fell down the rabbit hole. Pinterest is even more habit-forming than movie popcorn and peanut M&Ms. (Yes, together. Have you tried? Ridiculous.) One of my fellow bloggers at YMC coined the hashtag #pintervention and sometimes, I seriously think that might be warranted. But today, I am giving this little addiction free rein!… Read the rest

22 Days To Go: The Wonderful World of Faberge

The heroine of my novel is a professional jewel thief, and her target is a long-lost Faberge Egg. While writing the book I did tons of research on these spectacular masterpieces of the jeweler’s art. Today, I thought you might like to come along as I open a page into the storybook world of opulent Imperial Russia. The most famous eggs produced by the House of Faberge were the large jeweled eggs created for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia, between the years of 1885 and 1997.… Read the rest

Recipe Box: Maple Glazed Salmon

The heroine of my first book is a very busy gal–she mostly survives on takeout sushi and Thai food–but when she does have a little time to make something for herself, she needs it fast, tasty, and healthy. After all, scaling buildings and jumping from trains takes an AWFUL lot of energy. The story is mostly set in Seattle, and here in the Pacific Northwest salmon reigns supreme.… Read the rest

Masquerade Parties

In my novel a pivotal scene happens at a masquerade party. I love these, and–naturally–a masquerade is a fabulous milieu for a thief. Here’s a teeny excerpt from the masquerade scene in A Beautiful Heist: I surveyed the room full of strangers. Well, I was assuming they were strangers, but of course I couldn’t be certain because of the masks.… Read the rest

Wise Words

It’s Sunday…AND it’s Mother’s Day. So, let’s all sleep in and have a lazy day with coffee and the newspaper, shall we? I’m going to keep it simple with today’s countdown post. Just a little something to think about. (And maybe a little something for my fellow Pinterest addicts?) Read the rest

Greatest Heist Movies: Originals & Remakes

Well, I’ve got 26 days to go before book launch, and today we’re going to cover a pretty fun topic. After all, who doesn’t love a good heist movie? There have been some great ones…and some not so great ones, of course. But one thing is for sure: Hollywood loves to remake classic heist movies. Here’s a roundup of three of the best, in their original and remade versions.… Read the rest

All About Diamond Cuts & Shapes

Okay, 27 days to go. (Yes, I know I missed yesterday but my plans got siderailed by a little unscheduled trip to the ER…all good now, so onwards we go!) Now, you may know that the heroine of my book is a professional jewel thief. Naturally, this means I did a whole lot of research on diamonds and jewels while I was writing (and while I’ve been working like mad on the sequel).… Read the rest


Kim Foster writes YA and adult books about thieves, spies, and assassins. (Read More)

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