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30 Day Countdown To Book Launch

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So I’ve got 30 days to go before the release of my first novel, A Beautiful Heist. And I’ve decided I’m going to have a little fun with this. Actually…make that a lot of fun.

Starting today, I’m going to do one post a day–every day–until June 6, my release day.

I’ve been having a blast dreaming up ideas, and here’s a sampling of the posts I’ve got planned:

  • Best Heist Movies
  • Famous Diamonds Of The World
  • How To Know If You’re Dating A Thief: A Quiz

And at the end of the countdown, I’m going to do a giveaway. If you buy/order my book on release day, June 6, I’ll enter you in the draw. When the time comes, just write me a note on my Facebook page to let me know, and I’ll put your name in the hat.

(I thought about having some kind of “proof of purchase” requirement like a screenshot…but I decided that was too damn complicated. My protagonist may be a thief, but I’m going to go ahead and assume you guys aren’t. We’re going honor system on this one.)

And what am I giving away? A basketful of goodies to delight your inner jewel thief, of course. I’ll reveal more about that in future posts.

But to start, and to get you in the mood…I’ve just put up an excerpt from the first chapter of A Beautiful Heist. I hope you enjoy it!

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