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A Beautiful Heist On Pinterest

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I started playing around on Pinterest about a year ago and, like many people, immediately fell down the rabbit hole. Pinterest is even more habit-forming than movie popcorn and peanut M&Ms. (Yes, together. Have you tried? Ridiculous.)

One of my fellow bloggers at YMC coined the hashtag #pintervention and sometimes, I seriously think that might be warranted.

But today, I am giving this little addiction free rein!

Here are some of the boards I created that have to do with my novel, A Beautiful Heist.

A Beautiful Heist (for a taste of the book itself):


Book covers I like (when my editor and I were playing around with images):


Masquerade (see my post on Masquerade Parties):


Sparkle (…naturally):


And, because I’m a writer: Bookish and Words. Oh, and Coffee….because what kind of writer would I be without that?

I also have a secret board for my next novel, but it’s all locked up in the vault protected by a laser grid and iris-scanning security, so don’t even try…)

Now tell me: do you love Pinterest, too?

2 Responses to “A Beautiful Heist On Pinterest”

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  2. […] I don’t keep it much of a secret how much I love Pinterest. […]

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