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A Burglar’s Toolkit

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Let’s say you’re fed up with your job. You’ve had it with the corporate world; the rat race can shove it. It’s time for a career change. But what path to choose? Well, have you ever considered becoming a professional thief?

You have to admit, there are perks: no 9-to-5, no yucky office politics, and no boring cubicle. Your office changes day to day, in fact–sometimes it’s an art museum, sometimes a swanky gala. 

Of course, there are pitfalls, too. Prison, for one. Getting shot by an overzealous security guard, for another.   

But let’s say you decide it’s worth a try. Where to start?

With the right equipment, naturally.

Here’s what you’ll need if you’re serious about pursuing the life of a professional burglar.

1. Grappling hook

For climbing high rises, or other structures that feature sheer walls and other pesky anti-theft features.


2. Black gloves

Fingerprints are your enemy, obviously.


3. Glass cutter

For quick and easy access to any window or door.


4. Handbook on jewels & gemology

So you can tell the fakes from the real thing. Will save you a lot of awkward mistakes.


5. Night vision goggles

Because turning on the lights tends to alert security guards to your presence. So does bumping into things.


6. Incognito sunglasses

A key part of your getaway disguise.


And last but definitely not least…

7. A ready supply of coffee

You’re going to be doing a lot of work at night…so you’ll need to stay awake somehow.


16 Days to book launch, people! This is getting serious.

One Response to “A Burglar’s Toolkit”

  1. i am a burglar and would consider myself to be semi pro. my toolkit consists oF, a crowbar, a thin pry bar, an automatic window punch, a mini flashlight, a cap and pair of leather gloves and a large bag that is able to fold up in your pocket. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN THIS DAY AND AGE. also the main keywords are, SILENCE, STEALTH, TIMING, AWARENESS AND COLLECTING GOOD INTEL ON THE TARGET BEFORE YOUR STEALTHY ASSAULT.

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