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Aging Gracefully. Or Not.

So, I’m facing down my 40th birthday. It’s two weeks away and, surprisingly, my mid-life crisis is holding off.

For now.

I wrote a post about my thoughts on aging (gracefully…with just a dash of kicking and screaming) on my blog at Yummy Mummy Club, and you can read it here.

It’s a complicated thing. I’m working hard at embracing the change…but I’m not exactly willing to go quietly. You?

5 Responses to “Aging Gracefully. Or Not.”

  1. hotelgoddess says:

    it’s a number on my birth certificate no one knows but you!!! I*’m having the time of my life at 40 and my 41st is fast approaching. as a woman, I have never felt this confident, smart, empowered and more beautiful than I am now. 40 gave me everything that 20 never did. if only I knew then what I knew now, I’d be enjoying me so much more. Welcome to 40 and make sure you buy yourself something nice to remember this special moment where you life gets so much brighter! viva 40
    BTW – Everything Wine in Victoria IDs and are always shocked to find out we’re that age 🙂

    • Kim Foster says:

      Thanks for this super positive and uplifting comment!! I AM totally enjoying (and owning!) being 40 (now that the big day has come & gone). We can rock our 40s, for sure.

      That said, I am DEFINITELY going to Everything Wine if I need a little pick-me up (um, in more ways than one…) Thanks for the tip 😉

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