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Judging A Book By Its Cover

As we speak, my editor at Kensington is working with his art department to come up with a fab cover for my first novel. But before he did that, he asked me if I had any thoughts on the design of the cover. Which came as a wonderful surprise. (And so much fun, I can’t even describe.) Being a newbie, I figured cover design was exclusively the domain of the people at the publishing house and they wouldn’t be particularly interested in my input.… Read the rest

Moms Chasing Dreams

Becoming a mother is a game changer. Big time. Suddenly, you’ve got so much more to think about than yourself, and at its most basic level it feels RIGHT for your little darlings’ needs to come ahead of yours. When my kids are sick I wish I could take it on, instead of them. If there’s one cookie left in the cookie jar, I give it to my doe-eyed little guy instead of gobbling it down myself.… Read the rest

My Healthy Advice This Week

As you may know, I maintain two other blogs: Savvy Health, and Wicked Health (as part of Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club.) Here’s what I blogged about this week: How To Treat Head Lice I know, you’re probably getting that creepy-crawly feeling just thinking about it, right? But if you’ve got school-aged kids, you *might* want to keep this article handy.… Read the rest

So…What’s The Title Of Your Book?

I’ve got an exciting announcement. My editor, Peter, and I have finalized the title for my forthcoming novel. It’s going to be called: A Beautiful Heist. I love it, and I’m so looking forward to seeing it on the cover. But best of all, I finally have something intelligent to say when people ask me, in perfectly reasonable fashion, “So what’s the title of your book?”. … Read the rest

A Weekend of Bliss

Here’s what I did last weekend: I went to BlissDom Canada in Toronto. It was so awesome, I don’t quite know where to start. If you’re not familiar with BlissDom, it’s a blogging conference for women. This means: approximately 500 females gathered in the heart of downtown Toronto to meet and share stories and swap strategies and have a ton of fun.… Read the rest

Aging Gracefully. Or Not.

So, I’m facing down my 40th birthday. It’s two weeks away and, surprisingly, my mid-life crisis is holding off. For now. I wrote a post about my thoughts on aging (gracefully…with just a dash of kicking and screaming) on my blog at Yummy Mummy Club, and you can read it here. It’s a complicated thing. I’m working hard at embracing the change…but I’m not exactly willing to go quietly.… Read the rest

When Indulgences Let You Down

I had a massage yesterday. It was kind of disappointing. Which stinks, because as much as I love getting massages, I hardly ever do it. Time and money constraints being the major limiting factors. But after my third headache last week, I decided I needed to change things up. So I performed a little research and found a spa close to where I work.… Read the rest

Food & Writing

I’m having a hungry day, so I’m thinking about food. In particular, about food that goes beautifully with writing. To be clear: I don’t mean writing about food. I mean writing while eating food. Anything that a coffee shop sells generally works for me, since I tend to do a lot of my writing in cafes (primarily because at home there are children of mine running about.… Read the rest

The Health Benefits of Writing

Yesterday on my healthy living blog, Savvy Health, I posted about a little subject near to my heart.  The therapeutic value of writing is something writers have long known. I mean, I’m not the only writer who reports feeling a tad grouchy if I don’t get my regular writing time, am I right? But the interesting bit is this: research has recently confirmed that not only is there psychological and emotional benefit to writing regularly, there is also physiologic benefit.… Read the rest

On My Bookshelf: The Virgin Cure

I don’t often do this. I barely have time to brush my teeth on a daily basis, let alone write book reviews, but in this instance I just couldn’t stop myself. I recently finished devouring reading The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay, and because it took my breath away, I had to write about it. You can see my review on Goodreads, or read it here: The Virgin Cure is a fabulous book.… Read the rest


Kim Foster writes YA and adult books about thieves, spies, and assassins. (Read More)

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