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Tackle Your TBR Read-A-Thon

I started a reading challenge this week! Tressa is a lovely book blogger I’ve come to know, and when she invited me to participate, I thought it sounded like so much fun I just had to join in. The idea is this: now that the kids are back in school, it’s the perfect time to take a big bite out of the HUGE To-Be-Read pile that so many of us have (me included).… Read the rest

The dream of every writer…

Every writer fantasizes about the day they can hold a real, live book with their name on it. And it’s not that it wasn’t a thrill to have my debut novel published in digital format in June of this year, because it definitely was. Also, I happen to love e-books, and am clinically addicted to my e-reader. But, well…I have to admit there was a fair bit of squealing at my house when THIS arrived on the doorstep: Yes, people, that is a real, live paperback!… Read the rest

Travel Files: California Dreamin’

In a move that was part insanity, part inspiration, we decided to take our kids on a two-week road trip down the coast to Southern California. It turned out to be a HUGE success–this is a part of the world that is absolutely packed with stuff to do! Here were some of my favorite things: The San Diego Zoo Everybody has heard of this world-famous zoo, right?… Read the rest

Say It Ain’t So: Are Flip Flops Bad For You?

We’re into the dog days of summer. Are you and your Havaianas inseparable? Well, I hate to say this…but I’ve got some bad news. Flip flops feel ultra natural and comfortable, but it turns out they’re not so great for you, health-wise. To see more about what I’m talking about, head over to Yummy Mummy Club and read my recent post on flip flops and health.… Read the rest

Recipe Box: Strawberry Salad

I think most of us would agree, summer is the best time for a big bowl of fresh salad. Here’s one of my favorites. It’s my mother-in-law’s recipe, actually (although I made a few modifications…shhh, don’t tell her!) I added baby spinach in addition to the romaine (for even more iron and antioxidants) and substituted Greek yogurt for the sour cream in her original recipe.… Read the rest

Movies That Were Better Than The Book

It’s fun to see a favorite book come to life. Although, all too often, it’s disappointing in one way or another. How many times have you heard people say: “Oh, but the book was sooo much better than the movie…”? Sometimes I think this isn’t a fair comparison. The storyline in a book is usually longer than a screenplay, so naturally some stuff has to be cut out.… Read the rest

Mission: Mosquito Bite Patrol

It’s the summer (yay!)…it’s mosquito season (not quite so yay!). Love the warm weather but loathe the bugs that accompany it? Time to fight back, my dears. On my health blog on Yummy Mummy Club, I’ve outlined an attack plan, in two phases: 1. prevention 2. bite relief. If you want to have a somewhat less itchy summer, head over there and check it out.… Read the rest

Virtual Book Tour Week 3

Whew! All this jet-setting is exhausting. Here’s where I went last week… First I went to the seaside. Seaside Book Nook, that is. Jilleen gave me a very nice 4-star review, and you can read it here. I couldn’t get enough and just had to keep reading – my favorite kind of book! After that I visited Patricia’s Wisdom.… Read the rest

How To Make A Baby

Here’s what I’ve been writing about over on Yummy Mummy Club lately… How to get pregnant! Yes, it seems obvious enough, and no, this article isn’t what you’re thinking. The thing is, many couples struggle to conceive, and it can be a huge source of stress. In my latest YMC post I discuss the role all that stress might be playing in the quest to get pregnant.… Read the rest

Virtual Book Tour: Reviews That Bring On The Happy

This week of blog touring is off to a great start. Here are the blogs I’ve been featured on so far: All Grown Up? This is how all Mondays should begin. Reading a review of your book that starts out like this: Who doesn’t love a good caper? I know I do, and A Beautiful Heist by Kim Foster is just about as good as it gets.… Read the rest


Kim Foster writes YA and adult books about thieves, spies, and assassins. (Read More)

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