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Casting Call for A Beautiful Heist

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As far as I can tell, virtually all writers do this–fantasize about which actors and actresses would be cast in the movie version of their books. This exercise is equal parts creative-juice-stimulator (helps to visualize an actual person when writing scenes), motivator to help push you forward (sigh…someday when I’m attending the premiere…), and pure fun.

So…who would play the main roles in A Beautiful Heist? I have a few favorites.


(my jewel thief heroine)



(the FBI agent and Cat’s ex-boyfriend)



(Cat’s rival thief)



(the charming art thief)



(Cat’s handler with her Agency, AB&T)


And…naturally I started creating a Pinterest page for each of these. Because that’s how I roll.

There are more characters than these ones, of course, but it’s a start. 

So, what do you think? Well, maybe you’ll have to read the book first and then get back to me with your thoughts. Not long to wait now…

5 Responses to “Casting Call for A Beautiful Heist”

  1. Simon Bond says:

    Reese Wutherspoon (she is odd enough to be a cat burgler!) Casting Anne Hathaway as a criminal would probably traumatize my daughter as she idolizes her.
    Eric Bana would be a good shout. Tom Cruise would take over the movie and who cares about Hugh Jackman?
    Megan Fox – definately!
    Chris Pines eye brows are a bit creepy and if iInever see another Brad Pitt film it will be too soon so Matthew Bomer even though i don’t know him.
    Finally Sean Connery – every time!

  2. […] I’ve thought about this a lot, because my book is very visual and the scenes have plenty of action, so I’ve spent a lot of time visualizing scenes in my head then madly trying to transpose that into words on the page. I created Pinterest pages, in fact, for my dream cast for the major characters, and wrote a blog post about that when I was counting down to book launch. (here’s the link to that post). […]

  3. […] created Pinterest pages, in fact, for my dream cast for the major characters, and wrote a post on my blog about that when I was counting down to book […]

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