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Fun With Book Marketing

So I’m about six weeks away from the release of my debut novel, A Beautiful Heist, and I’m wading deeply into promotional waters. This is something I know NOTHING about. I have a medical degree, for crying out loud. And I have spent the last several years learning about, and practicing, the craft of writing. Not marketing. But, as with many things, the information is out there to be had.

I do know a little, I think, about book buying behavior, mostly because my husband and I used to own a bookstore. The things that motivate people to pick up–and buy–a book is a fascinating subject of study. But it’s a different game now. I’m not even sure Twitter had been invented when we were booksellers.

Being a new, unknown author, and the fact that my book is being published as an ebook first, the challenge is mighty big. Specifically: how the heck is anyone going to hear about my book? Much less decide to actually buy and read it.

So, enter book promotion. And, along those lines, author promotion.

My learning curve has been steep. I’ve polled all the authors I know, I’ve read as much as I can get my hands on, I’m following blogs on the subject. It’s actually fascinating. And I must admit…kind of fun.

For example, I’m going to a conference next week, The RT Booklovers Convention, in Kansas City. Here’s what I’m bringing with me:

braceletsA bagful of cute sparkly bracelets, with a cheeky little tag (“Handpicked for you by Cat Montgomery, Professional Jewel Thief”). On the back of the tag is the title of my book, my name, and the release date (June 6, 2013). I have no idea if I’m bringing too many, or not enough…or if there are going to be a hundred other authors with the same idea. (Although I like to tell myself that even if other authors are giving away jewelry, they probably won’t have *quite* the same tie-in to their book as I do…jewel thief protagonist and all.)

So what do you think? I actually had a great time thinking these up, designing the card and putting them together.

I mean, if it’s not fun…why do it?

(And yes, that’s a quote from Jerry Greenfield, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.)

3 Responses to “Fun With Book Marketing”

  1. Katja says:

    I think they’re smart and fun. You are going to be great Kim!

  2. […] appear on anyone’s bucket list. But I went for a very particular reason: to attend RT Booklovers Convention as part of my publisher’s promotional efforts. And it was so fun. Plus, I signed stuff, you […]

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