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Health Tip: Should You Google Your Health Symptoms?

google-your-healthI love the internet as much as anyone. But it presents a bit of a conundrum when it comes to health and medical information.

Googling stuff is fun, right? Googling that odd twinge you’ve had in your leg for the past few weeks and learning that…OMG you might have cancer! Or leprosy! Or….well, you get the idea. Not so much fun.

On the other hand, the internet can be a beautiful source of information.

So how to handle this tool in a smart way? (And not give yourself a peptic ulcer from the all the stress it can cause? Which, FYI, is not how people get ulcers…just sayin.)

Check out my recent post on YummyMummyClub–I walk you through the bewildering jungle of online medical information. Bonus, in the post: a list of reliable health websites I regularly recommend.

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