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So…What’s The Title Of Your Book?

I’ve got an exciting announcement. My editor, Peter, and I have finalized the title for my forthcoming novel. It’s going to be called: A Beautiful Heist.

I love it, and I’m so looking forward to seeing it on the cover. But best of all, I finally have something intelligent to say when people ask me, in perfectly reasonable fashion, “So what’s the title of your book?”. (Instead of breaking out in a sweat and mumbling something along the lines of “Erm, I’m working on it with my editor…we’re, ah, bantering a few ideas back and forth…”)

Titles are HUGE. A novel’s title can be make-or-break. A title has to convey tone, hint at the plot and core conflicts, ideally give a sense of the voice, identify the genre, and not be misleading in any way (we’ve all had that experience, am I right?)…oh, and don’t forget it can’t have been used too many times before…phew! A big job for just a handful of words, yes?

Here’s Rachelle Gardner’s great article on the process of choosing titles.

Choosing a title is tricky, almost as tough as writing the damn book. But after much agonizing, plenty of debate, and no fewer than NINE Word document pages of ideas, we finally have it, and A Beautiful Heist it is. (Here’s my–very brief–blurb on the book. More to come later.)

Now, onto cover design…

7 Responses to “So…What’s The Title Of Your Book?”

  1. Torriel H. says:

    way to go! great title!

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