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Movies That Were Better Than The Book

It’s fun to see a favorite book come to life. Although, all too often, it’s disappointing in one way or another. How many times have you heard people say: “Oh, but the book was sooo much better than the movie…”? Sometimes I think this isn’t a fair comparison. The storyline in a book is usually longer than a screenplay, so naturally some stuff has to be cut out.… Read the rest

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The Jewels In The Great Gatsby

This weekend I’m going to see The Great Gatsby. I don’t care if I can’t get a sitter. The kids will be fine for a couple of hours, right? See, I am a big Baz Luhrmann fan (ever since Moulin Rouge, which rocked my world). And, although I didn’t start out loving Leonardo DiCaprio in his earlier years, I have grown to be an ardent admirer of his work.… Read the rest

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