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Best Heist Movies

A few weeks ago I did a post comparing original heist movies and their remakes (Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job, and The Thomas Crown Affair). Today, I’m expanding things to include heist movies in general. As a forewarning, it’s a pretty eclectic list. To Catch A Thief To Catch A Thief Where I live, this 1955 classic is going to be re-released onto the big screen next month (maybe where you live too?),… Read the rest

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Greatest Heist Movies: Originals & Remakes

Well, I’ve got 26 days to go before book launch, and today we’re going to cover a pretty fun topic. After all, who doesn’t love a good heist movie? There have been some great ones…and some not so great ones, of course. But one thing is for sure: Hollywood loves to remake classic heist movies. Here’s a roundup of three of the best, in their original and remade versions.… Read the rest

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