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The Road To Publication: Book Blurbs, Covers, and Pre-Orders.

A few weeks ago my editor sent me the little blurb the marketing department at Kensington created for my novel. How fun is that? This is the copy that will appear on retail sites for its release as an ebook. When it’s printed, this will be the cover blurb. I must admit, it gives me a delighted shiver to know that a marketing department is actually putting time and effort into this.… Read the rest

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So…What’s The Title Of Your Book?

I’ve got an exciting announcement. My editor, Peter, and I have finalized the title for my forthcoming novel. It’s going to be called: A Beautiful Heist. I love it, and I’m so looking forward to seeing it on the cover. But best of all, I finally have something intelligent to say when people ask me, in perfectly reasonable fashion, “So what’s the title of your book?”. … Read the rest

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