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6 Reasons To Read YA

  Lately I’ve been asked: why the switch to YA? Which is a great question! While my first published books were in the adult category (my Agency of Burglary & Theft series), my YA debut is coming out in Feb 2018. Truth is, there are many reasons for the switch to YA. I’ll probably talk more about the process of writing YA in future posts but for this post I want to dive into the concept that, for me, reading YA happened well before writing YA ever did.… Read the rest

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New Book Deal Announcement! (and how a story goes from idea to signed book contract)

So this happened: That’s right, I have a new book deal! This book will be my YA debut, and the hardcover will be hitting shelves in Fall 2017. Here’s how this story happened: While I was on contract with Kensington and busily writing my three AB&T books, a germ of an idea occurred to me. First, you have to understand that I’m a big lover of all things Great Britain.… Read the rest

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