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year in review

2013 Rewind

Reviewing the highlights of my year has become an annual tradition for me (like many of you), so here goes. When I think back on 2013, this is what stands out for me: My first novel was published! *happy dance* I finished writing my second novel. (And it’s all set for release in June 2014.) I had the privilege of spending another year blogging for Erica Ehm’s fabulous Yummy Mummy Club.Read the rest

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2012 Rewind: A Year For The Books

I might be a little late to this, reviewing my year. But the holidays were such a mad frenzy of activity, I find that only now am I able to sit and reflect. And I admit I was going to skip doing a 2012 review post, until I started thinking about what a truly kick-ass year 2012 was. So, better late than never, these were the highlights of 2012 for me: I started running, and ran my first official 5K.… Read the rest

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